Pris cross country skiing:

Minimum price 2.000 nkr for six participants, then 100 nkr per person. The price is exclusive of cross country equipment and transportation. This activity can be combined with courses, conferences, events and stay at the Ole Reistad Center. Contact us to put together a program tailored to your group.

Required skills: 

No special skills are required. The course is suitable for anyone who wants to try cross country skiing.


Own transport or transport on request.


You can bring your own cross-country ski equipment or we can arrange it for you. We are out all day so you have to wear warm clothes such as water repellent or waterproof outerwear, hat and gloves, gloves - usually water repellent or waterproof, thick sweater or down jacket, wool underwear and wool socks in addition to thermos, drinking bottle, food and backpack.


At least two weeks in advance for the beginner course.


Of course, we need snow to go skiing. Booking and implementation are subject to good snow conditions. 

TIP: Look at for track conditions.

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