Finnskogtrip with campfire, coffee and a bite -

  • Minimum price 3.000,- NOK per car.

Finnskogtrip with campfire, coffee and lunch / dinner -

  • Minimum price 4.500,- NOK per car.

Prices are inclusive transport and guides.

Forest Museum offer:

Visit the forest museum the first day and join a tour into Finnskogen.

Package price: xxx per person. Activity can be combined with courses, conferences, events and stay at the Ole Reistad Center.

Contact us to put together a program tailored to your group.


Own transport to meeting point, then we arrange transportation. The Finnskog trip is also possible with your own car.


We are out all day so you have to dress up well. Dress for weather, but you must have water repellent or waterproof outerwear, hat and gloves, gloves - usually water repellent or waterproof, thick sweater or down jacket, wool underwear and wool socks in addition to thermos, drinking bottle, extra food and backpack . Feel free to take with you binoculars if you have!


Minimum two weeks in advance.


For booking and execution there is a reservation that the roads are accessible in the woods.

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